Yutaka Aoki | 青木 豊

Dots are made on a paper and two of us make triangles by connecting points in turns. Triangles of my own making are colored until all points are used for triangle shapes. Finally, person who makes triangles much more than other player could win the game. This was the my favorite game that I used to play in my early childhood. I do not even know how should I call this game but can still clearly remember the figures of awkward circles on the paper.

The works “around the world #3” showed in this exhibition is made with the same method of the game above mentioned. Pointing out trimmed lines, figures in painting are off, and drilled holes on the used table top, Yoshikazu Shiga, owner of the gallery “Sprout Curation”, mentioned it’s figurative resemblance between lines and holes I made and figures in drawings of Henri Michaux. Throught this conversation, I decided the title of this exhibition as “movement”. My practice could be characterize as grabbing relationship between existence and false image with the matter of light that I have been studying throught recent series of works, silvered mountains and sprayed origami, that perspective of paintings are altered through where we are looking from. Needless to say, this method of painting compel viewers to walk around to see the paintings from different angles in order to recognize whole images which paintings possibly provide. However, because of no reversibility of the time, every moments of sights are ultimately seems to be unconnected. Beyond controversy, painting is the media that linguistically do not say anything but I dare say that there might be possibility of re-connecting fragmented time by building on our own experiences and memories.

This has nothing to do with anything, but “the light to be forgotten” on internet which EU proposed in 2012 gave the important light to bloated informational environment. And this year, the light is put into effect. Under the present set of circumstances that blank informations are passing around us at high speed as light reflection, disappearing reflective targets seems to be a turning point of this recent situation. As I mentioned before, time go to only one direction, but It’s velocity might be adjustable in order to fix positions more properly and relatively in line. When I imagine something moves,I understand that energy is always with the movements. Since ancient times, this kind of energy has been consumed with dance for prayer. But It should not be disposable. It could be said that continuous movement is becoming more necessary in order to figure out what is going on in this world.

-Excerpt from the exhibition statement「Mouvements」(sprout curation 2014)


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